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Christopher W. Beaux, an award winning designer heads our design team in consistently providing unique and cost effective home designs to the building industry. He has been involved in the home design and construction industry for the past 30 years and continues to produce and provide a valuable product for today's competitive real estate marketplace. Chris's hands on construction experience has given him an edge above most home designers in that he can visualize the structural components of a project as well as the aesthetic requirements from the ground up. He knows first hand the importance of accurate and clear construction documents. 

Chris's Boise, Idaho based company, Beaux Studio, has designed in excess of 3000 custom home and builder plans during the past 30 years. His designs have won numerous awards for the areas top builders & his work has been featured in Professional Builder Magazine as well as numerous local publications. Beaux Studio’s service can assist homebuyers, homebuilders and the real estate community with their continuing search for the perfect plan.

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