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2017 Parade Home Designed for Idacal and was built in Renovare Subdivision, Eagle Idaho. This home sits on a waterfront home -site and was designed to invite the outdoors in. Our Cabinet division Beaux Industries designed and manufactured all the interior Cabinetry & Custom Mill-work.  This home was designed site specific for this location.

The Six Million Dollar Parade Home. This home we were commissioned to design and build for Kastera Homes. This home is located in Two Rivers Subdivision in Eagle Idaho. The timeline for this home was a real challenge. We had one week to design the home and complete the structural drawings, Starting the build Christmas Eve and completing the home on April 11th. Approx. 4 months and 11 days to complete the build on this project. A personal record. 






This was a fun 12 unit project Designed for W.R. Gann. The project is located in Harris Ranch Subdivision, Boise Idaho. Eclectic design with Quality materials. Our Cabinet Division, Beaux Industries designed and fabricated the cabinetry and built in elements in these homes.

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